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Refrigeration Mechanic

Job Number: J1121-0549
Requisition #: 2021-141
Request for posting: Auxiliary
Job Category: Engineering and Buildings
Number of Positions: 1

Pointe-Claire is a city with a population of 31,000 located along Lac Saint-Louis and forming part of Greater Montreal. Recognized for its lifestyle, Pointe-Claire also has a distinctively rich architectural and historical heritage and provides services of outstanding quality to its population. Dedicated to the life of its citizens, the City's mission is to ensure that the quality of its social, cultural and economic environment is maintained for citizens today as well as future generations.


Work includes installing, inspecting, performing maintenance, repairing, and restoring pipes, equipment, mechanical refrigeration systems, ammonia systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, and brine systems. The position includes driving a motor vehicle such as a pick-up truck or minivan.
Work will be performed under general supervision and according to established practices. The jobholder is mainly required to inspect refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation facilities for which they are responsible and to perform necessary maintenance and repairs in order to ensure normal operation. The performance and operational status of various systems also help monitor the quality of the work completed.

Departmental mission:

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of all public facilities, equipment, and buildings, in order to support sustainable development and improve citizens’ quality of life.

General responsibilities and goals:

Examples of tasks to perform:
• Repair, restore, install, or perform maintenance on pipes and equipment for refrigeration systems of all sizes, heat pumps, centrifugal and dehumidification systems, as well as mechanical work related to ventilation and air conditioning.
• Verify the operational status of refrigeration machines, as well as oil and gas pressures, on a regular basis; make the necessary adjustments and lubricate motors.
• Carefully examine system equipment in order to locate defects and leaks in various systems; make the necessary repairs to pipes, valves, flaps, springs, fittings, controls, condensers, exchangers and cooling systems, electrical connections for compressors, pumps, etc., and install new parts when necessary.
• Inspect, dismantle, and align motors, pumps, and compressors to determine their condition of wear and tear, and replace used or defective parts; perform oxyacetylene welding.
• Calibrates the air in ventilation systems and outlets according to the instructions given by a competent expert.
• Take readings and adjust electromechanical components using remote intervention systems; adjust, calibrate, and program electronic thermostats; perform maintenance and repairs on coil systems; repair air dryers; detect and repair minor electrical issues related to affected systems.

Job requirements:

• Good knowledge of:
o spoken French and English, as well as written French;
o the principles of mechanical refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
o the principles of ammonia mechanical and refrigeration systems;
o the operation of refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning machines, as well as installation, maintenance, and repair practices;
o tools used in refrigeration mechanics, the risks of the job and preventive methods, driving the motor vehicle used for the position, as well as the vehicle’s capacity and limitationsKnowledge of basic electrical principles.
• Able to drive the motor vehicle used for the position, locate the causes of various breakdowns, read blueprints, use tools specific to the job, perform oxyacetylene welding and perform required emergency repairs correctly and promptly.
• Hold a high school diploma;
• Class B refrigeration mechanic card (Emploi Québec);
• Class C (C.C.Q.) or Class A (Emploi Québec) apprentice-refrigeration mechanic competency card;
• Valid halocarbon (H1) certification.
• A few years of relevant experience

Must have a valid class 5 driver’s license;


Monday to Thursday, 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


* The City of Pointe-Claire is an equal opportunity employer and invites women, Aboriginal people, members of visible minorities, ethnic minorities and handicapped persons to submit their candidacies. We thank you in advance for your application; however, only candidates who are selected will be contacted.