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Driver-Operator – Motorized Equipment Operator «B» - Bank of candidates

Job Number: J0321-0989
Requisition #: N/A
Request for posting: Auxiliary
Job Category: Public works, trades and manual labour
Number of Positions: 8

Pointe-Claire is a city with a population of 31,000 located along Lac Saint-Louis and forming part of Greater Montreal. Recognized for its lifestyle, Pointe-Claire also has a distinctively rich architectural and historical heritage and provides services of outstanding quality to its population. Dedicated to the life of its citizens, the City's mission is to ensure that the quality of its social, cultural and economic environment is maintained for citizens today as well as future generations.


The employee’s primary responsibility is to carefully drive the equipment entrusted to her or him and to carry out various assigned tasks within prescribed time frames and in compliance with standard rules. The employee is required to ensure that her or his equipment operates smoothly and that any necessary minor maintenance is carried out; in addition, she or he must maintain the equipment in a satisfactory state of cleanliness.

Departmental mission:

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of all public facilities, equipment, and buildings, in order to support sustainable development and improve citizens’ quality of life.

General responsibilities and goals:

Work that includes driving and/or operating any of the following, or similar, motorized devices and vehicles: salt spreaders in operation with or without snow plows; levelling blades in operation; trucks (PVB +19,500 lbs.) with or without snow plows; flushers; lift trucks (+5,000 lbs.); road rollers; tank trucks; vacuum trucks and Bombardier tractors, or similar vehicles, with or without accessories. Performance of manual tasks related to maintenance, cleanliness and general work.

Job requirements:

The incumbent must have a high school certificate. She or he must have several years of relevant experience and possess a valid Class 3 driver’s licence.

A good knowledge of the following is required:
• French (spoken and written) and English (spoken);
• Pointe-Claire streets and traffic rules and regulations;
• how to drive motorized equipment, how it operates and is normally maintained, and its capabilities and limits;
• all applicable precautionary and safety measures.

The jobholder must be skilled in:
• driving and operating assigned motorized vehicles and equipment at maximum performance levels;
• maintaining vehicles or equipment in such a way as to keep them clean and functioning properly;
• greasing vehicles or equipment and making any necessary minor adjustments;


36 hours / week


* The City of Pointe-Claire is an equal opportunity employer and invites women, Aboriginal people, members of visible minorities, ethnic minorities and handicapped persons to submit their candidacies. We thank you in advance for your application; however, only candidates who are selected will be contacted.